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Serial production & Injection molding 

Do you have a project that should be produced in small or large series?

We develop your plastic or silicone product with you from the design stage to serial production. 

We offer cutting-edge technology for serial production with conventional plastics and the production of silicone parts using the LSR injection molding process as well as 3D printing.


Do you only have a rough idea that you need help realising? Or do you already have a finished product that you would like to manufacture in series?  

mb3DEngineering is the right contact at every stage of your project, regardless of maturity and quantity.  

Simply contact us, we will be happy to help you!

Silicone Nozzles

Small nozzles made of silicone in series production.

customer specific ice cube mold

Ice cube mold customer specific designed and produced in serial production.

Tiny silicone parts

Tiny special parts made of silicone.

Silicone mold for CupCakes

Individual CupCakemold with engraved client logo made of LSR silicone. Injection molded in serial production.

Silicone molds PKAN Shampoo

Silicone moulds for the production of solid shampoo incl. logo.

individual silicone sealings

Individual silicone sealing rings manufactured in small batches within a few days.

Silicone pad

Small scale serial production of a silicone pad

3D printed plugs

Plastic plugs 3d printed in serial production on our Formlabs machine-

Soap mold silicone

Small scale silicone serial production of a soap mold

Serial parts silicone SpaceCamper

Special part with many undercuts and complex geometries produced in series.

Silicone loop prototype

Prototype of a loop made of silicone as a pre-series model.

Hotend insulation e3dv6

Thermal insulation of a 3D printer hotend (E3Dv6) made of heat-resistant silicone.

Translucent silicone hood

Silicone cover first produced in small series and later in LSR injection moulding.

Silicone sample

Pre serial siliicone prototype

FPV Gimbal Stick Ends - mb3DService

Grips for FPV and other RC remote controls developed and mass produced.

Silicone O-rings

Sealing rings made of food-approved (FDA) silicone in different sizes.

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