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Silicone Casting & Mold Making

We create individual silicone molds and components according to your wishes.

From the initial prototype till large scale serial production!

We will find a suitable process and material for all kinds of applications in order to attain high quality results that satisfy your needs.

  • Food safe (FDA compliant)

  • Temperature resistant

  • Potting resins (e.g. epoxy and polyurethane)

  • Thermal and electrical insulation

  • Translucent

Silicone 3D printing, LSR injection molding, as well as manual casting for small scale series or prototyping molds are some of the processes we offer.


Do you need some consultation to find an appropriate solution?

mb3DEngineering is the right partner at every stage of your project.

Just contact us, we are happy to help!

Silikon mb3DEngineering Form Mold Mould Verguss Polyurethan Polyester Epoxid Epoxyd Epoxy Acryl GFK CFK Gummi Faserverstärkt Kleinserien Prototypen Muster Fertigung Maschinenbau Spritzguss
Silicone mold Pkan shampoo

Silicone moulds for the production of solid shampoos.

Customer logo Siliconepatch

Silicone die to engrave a customer specific logo into concrete structures.

Silicone Nozzles

Small nozzles made of silicone, mass produced.

Silicone sealings

Sealing rings made of silicone as special production for small quantities.

Wax candle molds made of silicone

Silicone molds to cast wax panels with engraved customer logo.

Silikonmold FDA Hippo

Silicone mould made of food-approved silicone (FDA).

Soap molds silicone

Ordinary silicone molds for soap production.

Silicone logo mold

Mold to cast material samples made of resin and concrete.

Silicone prototype

Prototype of a silicone buckle for concept validation in the pre-production stage.

Validation sample made of silicone

Validation sample manufactured in small series production.

Butter Moulds Patisserie Silicone

Butter moulds made of food-approved silicone (FDA).

Silicone Adapter SpaceCamper

Special part with some undercuts made of silicone produced in series.

mb3DEngineering Coaster

Silicone cup coaster with mb3DEngineering logo.

Individual silicone sealing

Silicone seal manufactured individually to customer specifications as a prototype in the shortest possible time.

Food mold Silikon FDA

Mould made of FDA approved silicone for food production.

Patisserie silicone molds

Silicone molds for a non profit foundation.

Silicone mold HappyOceanFoods

Mould made of food-safe silicone for making vegan algae-based shrimps. 16-cavity mould.

Silicone molds for test specimens

Silicone mold to cast specific test speciments

Silicone logo patch

Silicone patch to cast concrete structures.

Silicone temperature resistant

Cover made of temperature-resistant silicone individually manufactured in small series.

Silicone sock for e3dv6 Hotends

Insulation sock made of temperature resistant silicone for the market leading e3dv6 hotends for 3D printers to protect the hotend from debris and dirt and to reduce energy costs.

Silicone plug for resin casting

Silicone tool to cast epoxy resin

Silicone insulation heat resistant

Special component made of temperature-resistant silicone for thermal insulation.

Moulds Ceramic Casting Silicone Temperature Resistant Individual

Moulds made of temperature-resistant silicone to cast special ceramic parts.

Baking tin silicone indivvidual FDA

Baking tin made of silicone individually.(15x30cm)

Translucent silicone

Special part made of translucent silicone in small series.

Prototype casting mould silicone

Individual three-part casting mould for a prototype component made of silicone (prototype and core are still in the mould).

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