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3D printing

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3D printing enables creative approaches to be implemented haptically, to test and quickly realise products or projects through short iteration steps. This is called rapid prototyping. 

Further advantages of 3D printing are the ability to realise special geometries and individual designs in the shortest possible time, which cannot be produced economically with conventional manufacturing processes.


mb3DEngineering has a wide variety of 3D printing processes available that correspond to the current state of the art. This helps us covering a broad scope of requirements in terms of accuracy, material properties and costs.


Almost all material properties and types can be used.


For instance:


  • Materials allowed fot food contact (FDA compliant)

  • Silicone

  • Fiber-reinforced materials (CFRP or GFRP)

  • Impact resistant materials (nylon, PP)

  • Rubbery materials (TPU)

  • Tribological materials (sliding properties, Iglidur)

  • Temperature resistant materials

  • Water soluble materials(PVA)


We will find the right material and process for your application.

Simply contact us!

We only use high-quality materials manufactured in Germany or Europe.

3d printed tethered cap

3D printed tethered cap prototype made of Formlabs durable resin.

3D printed nozzles

3D printed nozzles for a filling machine made of food-approved PETG.

Silicone like 3D prints

Silicone like 3D printed prototypes for pre series validation.

3d printed stamp

Logo stamp as ultra-fine resolution 3D print in SLA process.

High Temperature Prototypingmold

High Temperature 3d printed injection mold for prototyping purposes.

Millenium Falcon

Millenium Falcon from Star Wars as 3D printed model.

TPU foam grip

Grip handle 3d prinded out of flexible foam for the Holimaker desktop injection molding press.

3d printed silicone mold

Mould for creating a translucent silicone cover from silicone.

High Temperature fixture

High temperatur resistant jig made of Polycarbonate with carbon fibre filling for enhanced mechanical properties.

3D printed plugs

High resolution printed plugs made of Formlabs Resin.

Shoe insole 3D print

Shoe sole printed from foamed TPU plastic for optimal cushioning properties.

PC Carbon Prototype

Additive manufactured Polycarbonate liner filled with Carbon fibres.

Multipart casting mold

3D printed mould for the production of complicated special parts made of silicone.

Multipart casting mold

Individual three-part casting mould for a prototype component made of silicone (prototype and core are still in the mould).

PP polypropylene flanges 3D printed

Flanges printed in food grade polypropylene (PP).

Aircraft Engine 3D model

Model of a moving aircraft engine for illustrative purposes.

3dprinted head model

Model of a head from the 3D scanner. Made in 3D printing.

Fluorescent gear

Helical planetary gear made of fluorescent plastic, printed in one piece.

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