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Product Engineering

Do you have a product or an idea and are looking for a partner who can work with you to find a solution tailored to your needs?  

Then mb3DEngineering is the right place for you. With modern approaches in the field of product engineering, rapid prototyping techniques, additive manufacturing and mold construction, we offer a broad portfolio for your product. Using CAD construction, we visualise your ideas and finally implement them with the appropriate production method. In this way, we can accompany you throughout the entire product development process right up to the finished product and beyond.  

mb3DEngineering supports you both in the development of prototypes or special requirements according to your needs, as well as in the development of a serial part that is later to be manufactured using injection molding, for example.


We are also happy to support you with projects in 

  • Mechatronics

  • Automation

  • Sensors

  • Control technology

Would you like to test new processes and production technologies and analyse them for feasibility? Here, too, we will help you with advice and offer you access to our network of partners and suppliers.  The challenge is to think beyond convention and find the perfect process for your product. 

If the possibility of finding technical solutions is limited by conventional manufacturing methods, we at mb3DEngineering start to play to our strengths.  

Simply contact us for more information!

We create our constructions with the CAD software SolidWorks.

Designed with SOLIDWORKS
Tethered Bottle Cap Prototype

Prototype of a tethered bottle cap design we developed.

Cupcakemold Silicone

CupCakemold individually designed for our customer and manufactured of LSR Silicone in serial production.

FPV racing drone

Specially developed FPV (First Person View) camera drone with specially developed frame made of carbon and various attachments from 3D printing.

Silicone Container System

Containersystem consisting of various sized silicone buckets for kitchen use. Designed and prototyped for our customers.

silicone ice cube mold

Ice cube mold made of LSR silicone in serial production

Stick engraving machine

A small machine that stamps logos on popsicle sticks in series production.

Ice cream machine nozzles

Nozzles as outlet pieces for an ice filling machine.

Silicone switch lid

Silicone lid to secure electronics from weather conditions. Manufactured in serial production of Silicone.

Stick engraving machine

A machine that stamps logos on popsicle sticks in series production.


PuppyMagicBreast Tool for feeding puppies. Developed on behalf of customers.

Bread baking mold

Bread baking mold with individual logo engraved.

mb3Dservice FPV Gimbal Stick Ends

Stick Ends for FPV remote controls for a better grip and feel when flying. Available in our shop.

FPV Drone Frame

Individually developed and milled frame for an FPV racing drone made of carbon fiber.

Variable ice mold

Ice-cream mould with exchangeable inlay for embossing a wide variety of logos and lettering in ice-cream.

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