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CNC Fräsen Lasern Drehen Lasergravur Lasercutting Drehbank Formen Kunststoff Faserverstärkt CFK GFK Ureol

CNC  machining

The production and processing of components with CNC milling is ideal for high performance materials.

This is particularly true for materials with higher rigidity, such as the fiber-reinforced plastics CFRP (carbon) and GFRP (fiberglass).

This process can also work well with special temperature requirements and with conductive materials based on copper and aluminum.  

Acrylic glass / Plexiglas (PMMA), on the other hand, is ideal as a material for transparent models with the highest demands on the visual appearance.

Shafts, spacers, sleeves and other rotationally symmetrical parts are manufactured for you on a turning lathe.

In addition, mb3DEngineering has a laser for engraving and cutting a differents sorts of plastics and wood, as well as a cutting plotter.

Aluminium ring CNC turned

CNC turned aluminium ring as a mould core for a silicone mould.

FPV racing drone frame

Frame of an FPV racing drone milled from carbon plates.

GFRP positioning plate

Positioning plate milled from fibre-reinforced plastic (HGW) with pockets and reference surfaces.

C45 pin

Turned pin as mandrel made of C45 steel

Various laser cutted parts

xample components made of laser-cut wood, as well as laser engravings on lacquered V2A stainless steel.

Laser engraved photobox lid

Laser engraved lid of a wooden box with logo.

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